Kapps are like containers within a space, allowing administrators to organize forms and workflows together and delegate their management with ease. Kapps are commonly used for ticketing systems, case management systems, customer portals, or self-service portals. These different sustems require distinct user experiences and workflows that Kapps help keep organized.

Kapp Management

Each Kapp has its own management section where you can view and configure the following Kapp subcomponents:

  • Kapp Settings
  • Forms
  • Submissions
  • Form Types
  • Security Definitions
  • Category Definitions
  • Attribute Definitions for Kapps, Categories, and Forms
  • Webhooks
  • Settings within the Kapp scope (like categories, form types, and security definitions) are only available within that one Kapp and aren't shared between Kapps.
  • Workflows defined at the Kapp level apply to all submissions for the Kapp. To apply workflows to a specific form's submissions, you'll need to create the workflow at the form level.


The Details tab displays configuration information about the selected Kapp, including:

  • <Kapp Information: A read-only section that contains the Kapp's name, slug, and creation and update information.
  • Kapp Name: The Kapp's display name.
  • Slug: The Kapp's unique identifier, used for code references and the Kapp's URL.
  • Default Submission Label: The default submission label for all the forms in the Kapp. If blank, the submission label will default to the submission ID.
  • Display Type: The method used to display the Kapp. This is either controlled by the Space (if the Space is configured to display as a Single Page App) or one of the display options below.
    Note: If the space is set to display a Single Page App, no additional information is displayed.

    • Display Page: This option allows you to set the jsps used for the various pages for the Kapp.
    • Redirect URL: This option allows you to set a URL for the Kapp to redirect to when accessed.


The Attributes tab is where Kapp-level attributes are set and given a value, but not where they are created. Attributes displayed on this tab are things that are generally used across Kapps (for example, which bundle the Kapp should use for display, the Kapp's description, or the icon to use for the Kapp).

Note: Attributes of all types, including Kapp atrributes, are created in Attribute Definitions.


The Security tab contains the following settings:

  • Kapp Display: Who can see/render the Kapp.
  • Kapp Modification: Who can make updates to the Kapp
  • Form Creation: Who can create forms in the Kapp.
  • Submission Support: Provides some search and visibility features in the Kapp
  • Default Form Display: Controls who can see (and therefore submit) the form.
    It is not possible at this level to allow someone access to see but not submit the form. That would need to be controlled with rules on the front-end, such as an advance condition, or within the workflow engine after submit (to not process or delete the submission).
  • Form Modification controls who can change/update the form. This is often set to a security definition that includes form developers and platform admins.
  • Default Submission Access: Controls who can see submissions. This is often set to the submitter of the submission and platform admins.
  • Default Submission Modification: Controls who can modify a particular submission. This is often set to the submitter of the submission and platform admins.