Kapps Overview

Kapps Overview

Kapps are like containers within a space, allowing administrators to organize forms and workflows together and delegate the management of them with ease. Common examples of Kapps are a ticketing systems, case management systems, customer portals or self service portals. Each of these have a distinct user experience and workflows that Kapps help keep organized.

Kapp Management

Each created Kapp will has its own management section which allows Kapp builders & owners to configure and view the kapps subcomponents like:

  • Kapp Settings
  • Forms
  • Submissions
  • Form Types
  • Security Definitions
  • Category Definitions
  • Attribute Definitions for Kapps, Categories, and Forms
  • Webhooks

Settings within the Kapp scope (like categories, form types, and security definitions) are only available within that one Kapp and aren't shared between Kapps.