Creating and Removing Teams

Creating and Removing a Team

You can create a new team with the New Team button at the top of the team list.


Or you can click on a team name to update or remove that team.

Edit Team1

New Teams

When adding a new team, only the team details are set. Any associated/related information, such as subteams or membership, are set up after the team is created.


  • Display Name: The name you wish to assign to this team. Note that this is not the unique identifier for the team.
  • Description: This is available in listings of Teams and the team page users will see.
  • Parent Team: If this team is a subteam, select the parent team. Otherwise, leave this blank.
  • Assignable: This will determine if the team is available in the Queue kapp for assignment of approvals and tasks.
  • Icon: A font awesome icon that will be displayed for this team.