Forms: Best Practices

Keep the following best practices in mind when creating, editing, or deleting forms:

Form Slugs

Because the form slug is the form's unique identifier, we recommend that you do not update the slug once the form has production submissions. The form name, however, can be updated as desired.

Logged-In Users and Anonymous Forms

If a user is logged in and you have a Bridge that is fetching the user's information and setting a field (such as the "Requested By/For" field), that information will still be captured and stored as a field value – even if the form is set to Anonymous.

If you want your forms to be truly anonymous, you'll need to disable any Bridges fetching user info and add that data to fields.

Closing Submission Records

While not technically required, we recommend you include a step in your workflows to move the coreState of submissions that are no longer required to Closed. This reduces the number of records that need to be queried if you are looking for Draft or Submitted records.

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