Notification Date Formatting

Date formats can be added to the options for Notifications using Ruby date formats as listed in this cheatsheet.


The following formats are included by default:

  • Month DD, YYYY (no time)
  • MM-DD-YY (no time)
  • MM-DD-YY hh:mm (24 hour)
  • MM-DD-YY h:mm (12 hour am/pm)

But these are other common desired formats you might want to add:

Desired OutputFormat
Weekday, DD Month YYYY (no time)%A, %e %B %Y
YYYY-MM-DD (no time)%Y-%m-%d
DD-MM-YYYY (no time)%d-%m-%Y
YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm (24 hour)%Y-%m-%d %H:%M
DD-MM-YYYY h:mm (12 hour am/pm)%d-%m-%Y %l:%M %p

This is another helpful tool to understand and create desired date formats.