Forms: General tab

You can set the form name, slug, and other identifying information on the General tab.

The General tab

The General tab

  • Name: The form's name.

  • Slug: The form's unique identifier in the Kapp. The available characters are limited, so the value can be rendered in the URL.

  • Description: A description of the form.

    Note: Descriptions are technically optional, but highly recommended even when the description will not be shown to the user. Including a description of the functionality provides some measure of basic documentation for the functionality of the form.

  • Status: Themes use this value to determine which items render and can be submitted.

  • Type: A classification for use in the theme or by users as an additional form search parameter. It's not functional in the system beyond that.

  • Submission Label: A customizable way of identifying individual requests. These can include text and any value from the submission. For example, you could enter the following submission label for onboarding:

    On-boarding for ${values('New Hire Name')} Requested by ${values('Requested By Display Name')}

    You can then use the value when identifying the request instead of or in conjunction with an Id identifier.