Workflow Testing


You can save time when testing workflows by running a tree without creating a form submission. This guide covers the options available for testing workflows.


Inputs are the data used when workflow is run. Inputs are based on a source record and can be anything from a key value used for a lookup to an extensive JSON string used for all the parameters.

When testing workflows against a standard data set, you can reuse input values for multiple workflow runs. Because inputs are just text, you can alter the inputs as needed to create different inputs for workflows easily.

You can copy inputs from the Run console in the Task Engine by going to Global Workflow > Runs. Selecting a run will bring you to the Run Details in the Workflow Builder, where you can select Run Again to enter the inputs used for the selected run automatically.

run again option

Task Results

Task Results are the values nodes (handlers) return in a workflow. They are normally used by nodes farther down a workflow. Similarly to inputs, they can be updated to test multiple options for a run.

Note: All updates to task results are audited.