How to Transform a Tree into a Routine

Convert your trees into routines.

Kinetic Task Trees can be converted to Routines. This process requires the Tree to be exported, modified in a text editor, and re-imported into Kinetic Task.


  1. Navigate to the details of the Tree to be converted
  2. Export the Tree

V5-Export Tree

  1. Open in a text editor
  2. Modify <sourceName> tag content to "-"
  3. Modify <sourceGroup> tag content to "-"
  4. Modify <type> tag content to "Global Routine"
  5. Add <definitionId> content (Append with "routine" and may only contain alphanumeric and underscore characters)
  6. Modify <taskTree> <name> content to a new name
  7. Save Changes locally
  8. Import Routine

V5-Import Routine

Example Tree Export

<tree schema_version="1.0">
<sourceName>Kinetic Request CE</sourceName>
<sourceGroup>Forms > services > Exported Tree</sourceGroup>
<taskTree schema_version="1.0" version="">

Example Modified to a Routine

<tree schema_version="1.0">
<type>Global Routine</type>
<taskTree builder_version="" schema_version="1.0" version="">
<taskTree schema_version="1.0" version="">
    <name>Converted to Routine</name>