SDK Quick Start

Getting Started with the Kinetic SDK

Getting Started with Kinetic SDK

This is a guide for getting up and running quickly with the Kinetic SDK.


The Kinetic SDK is a library that provides easy to use methods for interacting with the REST API built into Kinetic Data applications. The intention is for the end user to create a Ruby program/script, and include the Kinetic SDK into the program. This guide shows how to do that.

How To

This document assumes you have the necessary requirements installed on your client computer before proceeding.

This guide also assumes you have the git program installed on your client machine in order to obtain the latest kinetic-sdk-rb code from Github.

If you do not have git and don't want to install it, you can download a zip file of the latest Kinetic SDK code. You would then unzip this file, and copy the extracted kinetic-sdk-rb-master directory to the my_project/vendor/kinetic-sdk-rb directory.

Prepare a Ruby program

Prepare your Ruby program/script to use the Kinetic SDK.

# create the project directory
mkdir my_project

# clone the kinetic-sdk-rb repository from GitHub
# see above to download the zip file if you don't have the git client
git clone my_project/vendor/kinetic-sdk-rb

# copy the sample driver to your project's root directory
cp my_project/vendor/kinetic-sdk-rb/samples/driver/driver.rb my_project/driver.rb

Try the driver

Modify the sample driver program with your Kinetic Core (or other Kinetic Application) information, and try it out.

# make sure to change back to the project root directory
cd my_project

# run the driver file
ruby driver.rb

Inline documentation

If you would like to generate the inline documentation for this SDK, perform the following steps.

# install the bundler gem, and then then necessary documentation gems
cd my_project/vendor/kinetic-sdk-rb
gem install bundler
bundle install

# generate and open the inline Ruby documentation for the SDK
bundle exec rake rdoc
open doc/index.html