Container Registry Usage in Air-Gapped Kubernetes Cluster Kinetic Platform Installation


This document provides detailed guidance on the role and usage of a Container Registry in deploying the Kinetic Platform within your air-gapped (internet-isolated) Kubernetes cluster.

The process consists of three stages:

  • Prepackaging the Platform's container images
  • Bundling the prepackaged images into .tar files
  • Automating the transfer of the images into your Container Registry


Before beginning the deployment process, ensure the following prerequisites have been met:

  • Network Container Registry: Ensure there is a container registry within your network that is accessible by your cluster to ensure smooth communication and data transfer.
  • Service Account Credentials: You must use credentials that have the capability to push and pull images from your registry to support both uploads by our service and downloads by your Kubernetes cluster.
    • Image Upload Strategy: In cases where push access to your registry is restricted, we can accommodate a pull-only access model, but this is NOT RECOMMENDED. You would be responsible for manually pushing the required images to your registry. While we can provide a comprehensive list of the necessary images, we do not support their packaging. This would require you to manually pull the images to a local machine and subsequently push them to your registry.


Once you have fulfilled the prerequisites above, the Kinetic Data installation team will upload the essential container images to your specified registry. The installation team will use Kubernetes pull secrets configured with your credentials to access and deploy these images.