Notification Templates

Send notifications with templates.


Notifications is a mechanism that allows you to configure templates in the system that will send email notifications to the user that contain variables from the Service, the request, or other variables as desired. This allows for standardization of notifications while still allowing necessary flexibility.

Notifications consist of three components: the named template, snippets, and date formats.

Date Formats

Date formats are used to format any use of dates, usually from variables such as Request Submit Date or Approval Create Date, in the notifications. This allows for different dates to be formatted in different manners, if necessary. It also allows you to use your preferred, eg American vs European, date style.


Snippets are for those portions of the Notifications that will be used across multiple notifications, such as headers, footers, signatures, etc. These allow all of your notifications to maintain a consistent look and feel with minimal effort.


The named templates are the items you will be leveraging when configuring use of Notifications. These templates can contain snippets, date formats, and whatever variables are appropriate from the available drop down menus.