File Resources


File resources grant access to external file stores. The file resource associates a Filestore plugin with security policies to determine authorization and a slug to reference the file resource when making API calls.

The File Resources list

The File Resources list

Let's say you want to access an attachment from another system, such as Remedy, from the Kinetic Platform. Rather than requiring each user to authenticate to Remedy, you can set up a file resource to connect to Remedy and automatically get access to the file you're looking for.

File Resource Details

Each file resource contains the following information:

  • Agent Slug: The slug for the Kinetic Agent you want to associate with the file resource. The Agent selected determines which filestore plugins are available.
  • Filestore Slug: The slug for the Filestore plugin you want to associate with the file resource.
  • Slug: The slug you want to assign to the file resource.

Security Policies

The Security Policies section of the file resource record lets you specify which security definitions to apply when files are accessed or modified, restricting access to only users included in that security policy. The options displayed are each Space Security Definition with a Type of "Space" or "File Resource."

Note: If you do not select a security policy, the option defaults to set permissions to Space Admins.

Example of a file resource.

Example of a file resource.