How to set up a bridge to Kinetic Core Submissions for one of your Forms

Attribute Mappings

To access the fields on the form, For example:

  • id
  • coreState
  • label
  • type
  • currentPage
  • form
  • origin
  • parent

Just enter the field as usual, but to access the values entered into the fields, you would need to enter:


into where it is asking for the field in the Model.

V5-Model Attributes


Qualifications should contain the kapp slug, the form slug, and the specific qualification desired for the bridge qualification in question. Below are some examples:

  • kappSlug=services&formSlug=employee-onboarding&values[Status]=Active&limit=999
  • kappSlug=admin&formSlug=delegate&values[Status]=Active&limit=999&values[Delegate For Id]=${parameters('User Id')}
  • kappSlug=services&formSlug=cleaning-request&limit=999&values[Status]=${parameters('Status')}

Note: if not specified, the limit is 50.