Integrations Overview


At Kinetic Data, we believe in letting record systems perform their intended functions and leveraging them in real-time. Our integrations are built using code, making them easy to tweak, test, and iterate upon to suit your needs.

Types of Integrations

Integrations for the Kinetic platform are loosely organized based on their function. Some integrations look up or pull in data from other applications. Others push data to other applications to create, update, or delete records in that application. Handlers can (and often do) serve both purposes.

Authentication Integrations

There are multiple ways to use login credentials from systems like LDAP, SAML, or OAuth to authenticate users into the Kinetic Platform.

Form and Portal Integrations

Bridges are often used to retrieve data from applications like LDAP or Salesforce and then display the data in user interface forms. One common example is getting assets that match a specific user ID or site.

Workflow Integrations

Handlers are the Platform's most flexible integration option. They're available in the Platform's Workflow component and can be used to retrieve, create, update, or delete information.