What's a Datastore?

Before Version 5.2 of the Kinetic Platform, a datastore was a data storage method with a unique form type used to define and build up referential data (such as lists of assets, sites, vendors, and city and state names) that could be leveraged in other areas of the Platform. Information stored in a datastore form could be configured to support many query combinations so that large datasets could be searched efficiently.

With Version 5.2, datastore functionality was integrated into the main Platform functionality. To accommodate customers who had datastores in place, we helped convert their datastores to a new Kapp (also named Datastore) and moved the relevant information into the Kapp.

Why Use a Datastore Kapp?

Technically, you don't need to have a datastore Kapp in place for storing referential data. However, understanding how users need to query for data is an important part of keeping your system healthy and fast. Traditionally, application owners relied on a database administrator to design a database schema properly indexed for speedy searches. In the Kinetic Platform, users can define fields that are similar to columns in a database, which system admins can use to define combinations of fields for users to query. The application then builds index records behind the scenes to ensure that the query will execute quickly on large datasets.