Using kinops to Document your Processes

Keep on top of your processes through documentation.

One of the great challenges of trying to automate your processes and become more efficient is really knowing and understanding what your processes are. Even in small to mid-size organizations many processes are not simple to document. kinops will solve this problem by documenting while you work.

A key feature of kinops is that you can create ad-hoc sub-tasks (tasks and approvals) and assign them to the appropriate teams. This ad-hoc work capability allows you to use kinops to figure out your work processes. All you need to do is know where the process should start or who does “most of the work.” Then that team can use the ad-hoc sub tasks initially, creating the tasks necessary to complete the work. At a desired interval (3 or 6 months?) the submissions can be reviewed. The consistent ad-hoc tasks are your process.

The service can then have it’s process revised with the tasks that consistent and you now have a service that automates your process appropriately. By automating the process, to include the ad-hoc sub-tasks, your process is now more efficient. The ad-hoc sub-tasks will always be available in your kinops process for evolving the process and for any one-off items.