Updating Display and Validation Options

Introduction and Goals

Using the builder to update forms is one of the basic ways to adapt to your customers needs. With the form builder you can add and configure different types questions, text, and other presentation elements.


For this article, we are looking at the Display and Validation properties of form elements.

Form Update Video

Updating Element Options

Each element has a variety of display options based on the type of element. We're going to cover the Display, Editable, and Validation options while we update a few fields added on the Cleaning form.


Every form element has a display option that makes the element either always visible, always hidden, or visible based on a qualification. In this case we only want to display the Details field if the Site field is set to Atlanta.

display option form elements

The conditional option includes a field where you must add a javascript expression that evaluates to True of False. The variables dropdown gives you access to common data in the form including answers to other questions and User attributes.

Here's an example of a qualification to only show the detail question if the answer to the Site Question is Atlanta:

visible expression example

If the checkbox for Omit the Field when value hidden is checked, no value is saved when the page is submitted if it is hidden at the time.

You can hide a number of fields together by placing them in a section and then hiding that section. If you want the values saved on submission, just un-check the Omit box for the section. You can leave the questions unmodified.


This option is only available for questions. Enabled is the default option, with disabled and conditional (exactly the same as Display) available.


For this example we are only covering the Reqired option. Adding on to the Display option above, we want the details question to be required if it is visiable (site equals Atlanta). The options for Required are Always, Never (default), and Conditional. In many cases you can copy the same qualification from another conditional option.

required conditional example

An additional field for Required questions is the Message. This message is displayed if the required question is not completed.

Here's an example of the cleaning request with details displayed, but not completed when Submit is clicked.

required message example

The message is displayed at the top of the page, and the field is set to Red.

In the Next Article

Now that we have a basic form for cleaning, we can add on the back-end workflow with the Task engine.

Story for the Class

As a new Kinetic Admin, you have been tasked with cloning an existing Facilities form to collect more information. You also need to construct a basic notification after it's submitted.