Teams and Roles

Teams vs Roles

While they use the same underlying platform structures, teams and roles are very functionally different. Teams are groups of people to whom you can or will assign work. Roles are platform groups used to determine access.

You will notice that Roles do not display under the team structure at all. They will display instead under the user, to assist in determining access for that user.

Roles will automatically be created for each Tech Bar and for each role for each Tech Bar. People will be assigned to the teams and roles in the Tech Bar via the Tech Bar and Scheduler Settings.


Teams are collections of users into functional groups. For the purposes of solutions, these teams are assignable functional groups. While teams make many of the Tech Bar functions run smoothly, there doesn't need to be any interaction between tech bar users and teams directly. The Tech Bar solution manages the teams itself.



The Tech Bar Administrator is capable of establishing new tech bars. This role has full ability to manage any existing Tech Bar.

For kinops-hosted OOTB implementations, Schedulers are managed by Kinetic Data. For on-prem implementations, the platform’s System Administrators assign the Scheduler role.

The Tech Bar Administrators are assigned the role of Scheduler.


A Manager has full control of their own Tech Bar, including all configuration options. Normally, the Tech Bar manager handles assigning users to a physical tech bar, defining the type of issues handled by a Tech Bar, length of appointments, and staffing concerns.

Tech Bar managers are assigned / removed by an Administrator or by another Manager. The administrator can assign or remove a manger to any Tech Bar; an existing manager can only affect the Tech Bar(s) they manage.


The Agent’s are the manned personnel at the Tech Bar locations. Agent’s have access to the Queue application for managing appointments. Agents can be assigned to one or more Tech Bars. Administrators or Managers can manage Tech Bar agent access.

A Manager is not automatically an agent. If a user is to perform both functions, they need to be added to both roles.

Front Desk

The Front Desk role provides access to the Check In, Feedback, and Overhead Display screens. This role can be given to someone who has other roles or a separate user.

End User / Service Desk Agent

These roles don’t require any special action. Any user who connects to the system has the capabilities of the End User / Service Desk Agent.