Service Portal User Guide

Overview of the Service and Fulfillment functionality in Service Portals.

Major Components

Service Portal is comprised of two primary kapps (Kinetic Applications); Services and Queue. These two kapps interact to provide Service Portal's Service and Fulfillment functionalities.


Services for Service Portal are defined and maintained within the Services kapp. This is where the user can search for services, browse the categories for a particular service, request a service, and view the status of their requested services. This is also where services and categories are managed by administrators and fulfilling team members.


Queue is the robust fulfillment kapp that accompanies Services to provide all the fulfillment functionality for Service Portal. This is where fulfillment teams search for and work their fulfillment tasks (including approvals). Queue's fulfillment tasks can create ad hoc tasks, be customized to ask specific questions required by individual fulfillment tasks, or whatever is needed to enable the workflow for your service requests.