Sending a Email Notification

Configure notification templates for use with Services.


Notifications are a very common step in Service Portal workflows. The default workflow provided with the Service Portal solution allows Service Owners to specify which notification templates to use for their service without creating any custom workflow processes. More complicated service workflows however may additional notifications. If there are a significant number of notifications being sent, it will also be necessary to adjust the SMTP handler that sends the notifications to use your SMTP handlers. This article outlines how to add an a notification to workflow and how to update which SMTP server is used.

Adding a Notification

Before adding an approval step to your workflow, first ensure that you have your service configured to use a Custom Workflow and navigate to that workflow in the Task Builder.

To create a new notification in your workflow, add the KD Notification Send using Template task from the task list in the builder:

You can do this by:

  1. Clicking and dragging this task into your tree
  2. Connecting the newly created task to a previous task node
  3. Double clicking the step to fill out the parameters


The required parameters are marked with a star.

  • The recipient list is a comma separated list of user names, team names, and/or email addresses of those who will receive the notification.
  • Notification Template Name should match a name for a notification template currently set up in the Notification portion of Settings.
  • There are two kapp slugs that need to be specified. The Admin kapp slug (where the notification will be coming from) and the kapp the notification is being sent for (where the request is). Both are expected to be in the same space, incidated by the space slug.

There are also unrequired parameters:

  • JSON Vars should be a JSON object of any additional variables that the template is expecting.
  • The Submission ID is required only if there are specific variables in the template that are going to be pulling information from the submission.


Updating the SMTP Server

The kinops Kinetic Task engine is configured by default to use an Amazon AWS SMTP server. This can be changed by updating the configuration values for the SMTP Email Send handler.

To update the handler, navigate to your instance of the Kinetic Task engine handler listing. For example: YourDomain/kinetic-task/app/handlers. Use the Search box to locate the “Send SMPT Email” handler. After clicking on the handler name click on the Edit tab to configure the handlers properties.

Appropriate ports and firewall rules may need to be configured in your environment to allow the kinops task server to communicate to your SMTP server.