Organizing Services

Use categories to organize and display your Services.



Categories are simply a way of organizing and displaying your Services. A Service can be in one or more category to help people browse to find that Service.

Service Portal comes with six preconfigured categories:

  • Facitilites
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Marketing

But no categories are required. If your solution has only one or two requests, it is possible to remove all the categories and have those Services appear on the Services page instead of the category. It is also possible to add to or update the preconfigured categories to suit your companies needs.

Adding a Category

To the right on the category settings page is an area to Add a Category. You enter your desired Category Name (and slug) in here and click Add. It will be added at the bottom of the category list.

Modifying a Category

You can modify a category by changing it's place in the listing or by updating it's name. To move the category, click on the icon of lines at the front of the name in the category listing Move and drag it to where you want it. If you drag it on top of an existing category, you can make it a subcategory of that category. To update the name, click on the pencil icon. Edit

Adding a Subcategory

Adding a subcategory can be done by clicking the green and white plus icon on any category. GreenPlus

Removing a Category

A category can be removed by clicking the red and white X icon on the category. RedX Note that this will remove the category from Service that currently references that category. This means if you remove a category and then add it back, none of the items that were previously in the category will be in it now.