How to Use Subtasks

From within a Queue task, you are assigned to, you will see an “+” button that gives you the ability to add various ad hoc items, including out of the box subtasks and any Queue tasks available for your team.


This will allow you to create a task related to your task, which you will likely assign out to another team. This is useful when:

  • You need to record an additional task associated with what you have been asked to do
  • You need another team to complete a task before you can complete your task
  • You can complete your task, but it spawns additional work (for example, you can fulfill the order for a chair, but then you have none in stock, and more need to be ordered)

This ad hoc feature can be part of kinops documenting your processes for you. The available adhoc tasks in kinops are:

  • fulfillment task
  • approval
  • case (often used if an additional discussion is needed)
  • any queue task available for your team (eg. RFE for IT team)
    These first three types of tasks can be assigned out to the appropriate team for completion, so you can get what you need done to do your job. When the adhoc task is completed, you will be notified with it’s resolution/information so that you can resume your task appropriately.

All of this empowers the assignee right there within kinops. No turning to external systems to get work done. It can even empower teams to strengthen and refine their processes.

Note: The requested for will not see any adhoc items in their Activity Details view. They will only see processes created by the original flow.