How to Start a Discussion

Get people involved in conversations about tasks.

In Queue

Using a Discussion in Queue is an excellent way to involve people in a conversation about a task. It can be helpful to ask questions to someone (requester, manager, vendor, etc). To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Within the appropriate work order, click the Create a new discussion link in the right hand window.


  1. Refresh the screen or exit/re-enter the work order and you will see the discussion window.


  1. NOTE: No one is currently in the discussion but you. Next, you will want to Add Someone to the Discussion.

Unrelated Discussion

You may want to start a discussion not related to a specific queue task, approval, or team. You have this capability, too.

  1. Select Home from the menu beneath your avatar.


  1. Click Create Discussion.


  1. Fill in the form presented. Note the emails provided do not have to be system users.