How to Send an Email Notification

Configure notification templates for use with Services.


Notifications are a very common step in Service Portal workflows. The default workflow provided with the Service Portal solution allows Service Owners to specify which notification templates to use for their service without creating any custom workflow processes. This article outlines how to add a notification to your workflow and how to update which SMTP server is used.

Adding a Notification

Before adding an approval step to your workflow, ensure that you have your service configured to use a Custom Workflow and navigate to that workflow in the Task Builder.

Follow these steps to create a new notification in your workflow:

  1. Click and drag a new node from the task node you want to connect with your notification.
  2. From the Add New Task menu, select Email Template Notification Send.
  3. Enter a Name and Type for the notification task. You can also enter a label and conditions on this page.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Fill in the following required parameters (marked with an asterisk):
    • Recipient List: Enter a comma-separated list of user names, team names, and/or email addresses of those who should receive the notification.
    • Notification Template Name: Enter a name that matches the name for a notification template currently set up in the Notification portion of Settings.
    • Kapp Slug Initiating Notification: Enter the slug of the Kapp the notification will come from.
    • Form Slug Initiating Notification: Enter the slug of the Form the notification.
  6. Optionally, fill in the remaining parameters:
    • JSON Variables: Enter the JSON objects for any additional variables that the template is expecting.
    • Related Submission ID: Enter any specific variables in the template that will pull information from the submission.
    • Is Datastore: If present, this value should be False.

Updating the SMTP Server

The Kinetic Task engine kinops uses is configured by default to use an Amazon AWS SMTP server. You can change this by updating the configuration values for the Notification Template Send handler.

To update the handler, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your instance of the Kinetic Task engine handler listing (for example, "YourDomain/app/console/#/space/plugins/handlers").
  2. Use the Search box to locate the “Kinetic Request CE Notification Template Send” handler.
  3. Click the handler name and enter the handler configuration properties.

You may need to configure the appropriate ports and firewall rules in your environment to allow the kinops task server to communicate with your SMTP server.