How to Add Multiple Users at Once

There are two ways to create multiple users at once. The first and simplest is to invite users; the second is to import users.

Inviting Users

  1. Select Invite Others off the menu shown below your avatar. Note that this choice is only available to Space Admins.


  1. The form presented will help you quickly invite your teammates to join kinops.


Add the desired emails, select the desired role, and then select the desired teams. Hold down Ctrl while you click on teams to select multiple teams. Configuring someone as a "Space Admin" will give them full admin access to the system.

Note: As you complete the displayed rows, more will appear. You can add as many people as desired.

  1. Click Invite Now!

Importing Users

  1. Select Home from the kapp menu.


  1. Select Settings from the bottom of the left sidebar.


  1. Select Users.


  1. Select Import Users


  1. Select your file of Users. This file must be in the correct CSV format with the correct formatted fields or it will not import your users correctly (with all of the desired roles and teams). It is strongly suggested that you begin by exporting the existing users and then use that to create your file for import.

This is the headers and sample data required by the import:

{"Site":[],"Department":[],"Organization":[],"Manager":[]}John Doe[email protected]TRUE[{"team":{"name":"Role::Form Developer"}},{"team":{"name":"Administrators"}},{"team":{"name":"Role::Submission Support"}},{"team":{"name":"Role::Task Developer"}},{"team":{"name":"Default"}},{"team":{"name":"Role::Data Admin"}},{"team":{"name":"Role::Employee"}}]{"Queue Personal Filters":[],"First Name":[],"Guided Tour":["Welcome Tour","Services","Queue"],"Last Name":[],"Phone Number":[]}CellTRUE[email protected]