Generic SQL Adapter


  • SQL Server, Database, Access, and defined SQL Query for retrieving event data
  • The following java libraries must be included in the Kinetic Calendar web application classpath along with the JDBC Driver java library for the database(s) you want to connect to:

Adapter Configuration

  • Adapter Class - This value must be added to the adapters.json configuration file:

Connection Configuration

  • Adapter Class
  • Properties:
    Username - Username for the SQL server
    Password - Password associated with the username for the SQL Server
    Adapter Class - JDBC Driver Class. See this website for popular JDBC Driver classes.
    JDBC Connection URL - ​This is a specifically formatted URL that is different depending on which database you're connecting to. Documentation on building these connection strings are available for MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Postgres. Others are also available online.

MySQL Example Configuration