Not all workflows are structured... let's chat about it 💬


Within the Kinetic Platform, Discussions are used to facilitate unstructured work, allowing multiple people to collaborate “chat style” about a particular topic. Discussions are recorded and related to records within Kinetic like Submissions (work orders, requests and approvals), Teams and Users.

Because Discussions are related to items within Kinetic, they can be used to retroactively look through a process and analyze what types of unstructured activities are taking place. This allows for iterative improvement over time as your workflows evolve.


Discussion about a generic work order

Common Discussion Use Cases

  • want to have an ad-hoc conversation about a topic
  • aren't sure who you need to assign a task to so you need to collaborate with other users about it first
  • need to include the requester in a conversation
  • need to include external users on a topic
  • need to invite more people as time goes along to help you solve the issue

Using Discussions

Creating Messages and Adding Attachments

When in a discussion, you add a comment to it in the bar down at the bottom of the screen. Additionally attachments can be added by dragging the attachment into the discussion area or by selecting the menu button near the bottom of the discussion and choosing "Add File".

Adding Users to a Discussion

Discussion owners can invite others (internal or external) to participate in a discussion. If you are not actively logged into a discussion when activity takes place, you will be kept informed by occasional emails and digest emails of the discussion. When participants are added to a discussion, they are able to see the discussions full history.