Basic Training

Introduction and Vocabulary

This introductory class is meant for Administrators and Developers that are not familiar with the Kinetic Platform. By following the class progression, along with the Workflow classes, you gain a basic understanding of the Kinetic Platform.

Other resources are available in our Documentation library:

Introductory Video

What is the Kinetic Platform

The Kinetic Platform is a system to execute and build applications in a low-code manner. Applications are made up of forms for collecting data and workflows to route that data through processes to perform typical work functions.


basic architecture


kinops - A hosted collection of our Kinetic applications that provide a way to "Streamline Everyday Work for Teams".

Space - A logical partition used for some types of multi-tenancy. Spaces within an instance of the application live on the same database but contain their own data, permissions, and users.

Kapp - A collection of related forms within a Space. A service catalog is a typical example of a Kapp. Kapp stands for "Kinetic Application".

Form - Basic presentation element for kinops and Request CE. Holds questions, text and other elements. Displayed using a bundle/theme.

Datastore - a collection of forms used to store submission data internal to your space

Goals for the Class

  • Familiar with Creating and Modifying a Form
  • Familiar with basic Kinetic Platform Vocabulary
  • Familiar with Creating and Modifying Workflow
  • Have Fun!

Story for the Class

As a new Kinetic Admin, you have been tasked with cloning an existing Facilities form to collect more information. You also need to construct a basic notification after it's submitted.