Adding Elements to a Form

Introduction and Goals

Using the builder to update forms is one of the basic ways to adapt to customers needs. With the form builder you can add and configure different types questions, text, and other presentation elements.


For this article, we will walk through updating the general facilities form to make it more cleaning specific. This includes adding different questions and updating the text.

Form Update Video

Updating Forms

Forms are updated using the Form Builder. The builder includes different types of questions and other form elements. Each element can be customized and configured individually.


Questions are the focus of any form. The type of question, and wording of the label determine the type of information a customer provides.

The types of questions in Request breakdown into a few types:

  • Simple Text Input
  • Date and Time
  • Selection Options
  • Attachment

Each type of question has a name and label, and then options based on the type of question.

Other Form Elements

Other form elements are available in the Form Builder:

  • Text
  • Sections
  • Pages
  • Buttons

Adding Questions

Adding a question to a form is basically dragging the element to where you want it on the form.

adding text question

Here you can see the result of dragging a new Text question onto the form.

And here are the basic options that need to be set.

options for new text question

For all questions you enter a name, a label (copied from name by default), and a default value.

For text questions there is an option for number of rows for display.

Here is an example of adding a list style question.

adding a drop-down question

For a list (dropdown, radio button, and Checkbox) question, you need to also add the list items. A later class explains how to set the list dynamically.

Date, Time, and Date/Time quesrtions have the same basic fields as Text and List questions.

Attachment questions only require a name, label, and whether you allow multiple or just single attachments.

Adding Other Form Elements

For this article, we are just going to look at Text and Section elements.

Adding Text Elements

Text elements are added like any question. They require a name that is used for internal reference.

adding text element

There are two types of text elements.

  • HTML - requires the use of HTML tags, allows nearly all the functionality of HTML including inline CSS.
  • Plain Text - no HTML requied, but limits formatting options.

Adding Section Elements

Sections are excelent at collecting other elements on your form. You can use sections for presentation purposes, hiding a set of metadata questions, or just to organize elements on your form.

Like text elements, sections require only a name. There is an optional Title, that is presented at the top of your section, depending on the theme.

adding a section

In the Next Article

We'll look at updating the display and validation properties of questions and other elements.

Story for the Class

As a new Kinetic Admin, you have been tasked with cloning an existing Facilities form to collect more information. You also need to construct a basic notification after it's submitted.